What is neuroscience? Clearly evokes an association with the word aerobics, right? Indeed, this word consists of two parts: “neuron” and “aerobics”. To always be in shape, the brain, like muscles, needs training, this was proved by the American professor of neuroscience Lawrence Katz, who invented neuroscience.
There is nothing complicated in neuroscience. These are very simple exercises that help improve memory and improve brain performance. Learning to train our convolutions.
Why neurobics is good for the brain
Nerve cells regenerate
“Nerve cells do not regenerate” is a false statement. A group of American scientists came to the opposite conclusion in 1998. It turned out that nerve cells are perfectly restored. And not only in children, but also in adults.
And the state of the brain worsens over time, because dendrites (outgrowths of nerve cells through which impulses go from one neuron to another) are depleted with age. It turns out that these dendrites need to be constantly stimulated. Like muscles in the gym.
Fight the habit
So what can we do to keep our brain in top shape? Say goodbye to routine. After all, it is she who leads to the fact that our brain “rusts”. The fact is that the brain has one bad habit – to act according to the algorithm given once. Repeat over and over again. In order not to waste precious energy on solving new problems. But it is precisely this property that leads to the degradation of the brain.
Neurobics exercises make the brain wake up and start working in a new way. There is nothing special about them. You will simply learn to perform familiar actions in a new way.
How it works
The whole mechanism of neuroscience is built on the use of several of our five senses at once. However, their combinations are used in an unusual way. Creativity is strongly encouraged.
In cases where our sensations are combined in unusual combinations, the brain begins to produce neurotropin, which helps to “grow” new nerve cells and increases the number of dendrites. Associations are especially important in neuroscience. It is thanks to them that we see the world around us in a new way, and perceive it fully.
When and how to practice
Any free time. When you remember. More often is better. On the way to work. During lunch break. Houses. When you clean, cook or eat…
In fact, neurobics is a game. No wonder children who constantly play easily “grow” nerve cells. By doing neurobics exercises, you yourself will feel how easier and more creative your brain began to work.
How to do neurobics
So what should be done? Regular actions. Just make them “wrong”. For example, if you are right handed, brush your teeth and eat with your left hand. And vice versa if you are left-handed. Thus, you will force the hemisphere that did not participate in it before to join the process.
You can make two senses work at the same time that you have not tried to combine before. For example, listen to music and at the same time count all the teeth on the comb by touch. Another principle of neuroscience is to turn off the feeling that you are used to using in some situation. Try dressing with your eyes closed or turning on the water by touch.
Do something that will surprise you. Put your photo upside down on your desktop. Take a new route to work. Change your hairstyle. Buy yourself clothes in an unusual style for you. Look for something new. Perhaps during this search you will find new you…